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If there wasn't Christian Terror in Nagaland, why on earth would the Church try to unite Naga Rebels?

Thanks to Yashwantji, this article was quite interesting. As mentioned, why on earth would the Christian Church try to unify the Naga terrorist groups? And why do they think they will listen to them? And why foreign groups? And then people are surprised to hear that Christian Terrorism exists in India. Also see this reference, very good overview of religion and the North-East of India.


Kohima, Nov. 7: The Church today pulled no punches in slamming the militant leadership for pushing Naga society to "chaos and destruction".

The general secretary of the Nagaland Baptist Churches Council, Rev. Zhabu Terhuja, said on the eve of yet another Church-initiated unity campaign that the least the militant leaders could do was act responsibly.

"Naga society is plunging evermore deeply into destructive divisions," Terhuja said.

A group of Church leaders from the UK, who arrived here yesterday, is scheduled to hold parleys with the NSCN (Khaplang) in Mon tomorrow. They will try to convince the militant group to bury the hatchet with its rival, the NSCN (Isak-Muivah).

A delegation from the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) recently held discussions with the Khaplang group to prepare the ground for this meeting.

A team from the North American Baptist Church, which had organised a peace meeting in Atlanta for the two NSCN factions in 1997, will also visit the state soon to try and reconcile the two groups and end the bloody factional feud they are engaged in.

Expressing concern over the "denunciation and derogatory remarks" made by militant groups against some public leaders and over the spate of fratricidal killings, Terhuja said such action had caused "bitter frustration and vengeful hatred" among the people who were "caught in between".

The Church leader said "arbitrary elimination of lives" had made Naga society weaker. Under no circumstances, he added, should human life be arbitrary snapped.

Terhuja said the people expected "those conducting the Naga struggle" to be more responsible as their actions had often led to the loss of lives.

The Church has long been engaged in a campaign to unite the warring Naga factions and is known for its bold and non-partisan stand.

But Terhuja admitted that the Church had failed to meet the challenges and needs of Naga society.

"The Church must keep renewing its commitment to our society's aspiration to be a just and fair one," he said.

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