Wednesday, November 7

South Africa remove racial quotas


an outbreak of common sense all over the place. South Africa is going to remove racial quotas from sports teams. Very good news.

But Im am afraid there are still people in places like India, USA, Malaysia and other places who still want explicit racial quotas on a variety of human endevours!. It has come down to such a situation that anybody who is seen to demand quota's is immediately branded as a person who has something to gain or is trying to gain an advantage for himself or his group, but not for the country or the nation or the group as a whole!!

Not to mention being intellectually very very weak. And there is no point debating with these idiots! :), they cannot argue against the laws of economics, and if they persist with racial quota's, they will make sure that they sow the seeds of destruction as well!, so good.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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