Wednesday, November 7

Gordon Brown Bottles out again

So the Queen's speech came around and I am again disappointed by the man who was the great white shining hope of the Labour Party. Frankly, bring back Tony, this Gordon is useless. See what he is up to

1. Party Funding: Why is it so difficult for Gordon and David to fix a simple problem like this? Why do they have to make things complicated? And there are zillions of party funding models out there. How about this one? Define what it means to be a political party. Local parties, regional and national parties have different funding requirements. Then reward the winners, so more seats, more funding. Then provide sufficient base funding, irrespective of number of seats to allow newcomers to poke the oldies. Make sure that extremist parties are not allowed by putting in an open and transparent court appointed political party registrar. Now, do you wish to get money over and above this? Sure, go ahead, by all means, nothing wrong with that and that's an essential part of the right to association! But does this government have a national party funding policy in place? No.

2. Nuclear Power: I have talked about this. The debate about nuclear power stations is the most fake, illiterate and stupid that I have seen. The right want nuclear stations and see it as an easy way to handle climate change. The left dont like it because of (well, what's the reason? not very sure). The government loves it because it allows them to meet climate change targets and sprinkle large amounts of subsidies around. The people dont give a toss as long as its built away from them and people dont confuse them with science and stuff about nuclear waste disposal. At end of the day, make it safe and then go ahead. Stop faffing around, more energy the better!, simple equation. And do not let energy security be dependent upon a 5000 mile bloody pipeline across Russia, Germany and 5 different countries. But does this government have an energy policy? No.

3. EU: Well, you know my thoughts about it, I want a referendum. In fact, I want a rule like that of Ireland. I do not trust any politician, and I want you to ask me before you swan around selling my country under me. And Gordon Brown is not promising a referendum, He is a liar basically, so I do not really care about his other things. He hides from the world and he lies and he is cowardly.

4. Immigration is a total mess as we know and hate. The Government has no idea how many people there are, how to pay for them, how to protect us, how to make sure public services are ready for them, no proper immigration law has been based, (73 ways to get legal rights inside the country??). Most jobs taken by immigrants. What is this? A bloody banana republic?

All in all, very very disappointed with him. And he is on a down-slope. He has bottled out. He had a great system and political place from Tony Blair and he blew it. Remember Al Gore and how he blew the election allowing Gorge Bush to rule for 8 years? That's what Gordon Brown has done as well. Useless git.

There is more stuff on the legislative plate but more on that later.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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