Wednesday, December 5

Another example of stupidity

Now see this story? The entire case revolves around a wrong undertanding of prayers. You do NOT have to do all the five prayers if you are ill and for people to think that they have to pray, then no, that is not what is required. See here

4:102 Thus, when thou art among the believers [129] and about to lead them in prayer, let [only] part of them stand up with thee, retaining their arms. Then, after they have finished their prayer, let them provide you cover [130] while another group, who have not yet prayed, shall come forward and pray with thee, being fully prepared against danger and retaining their arms: (for) those who are bent on denying the truth would love to see you oblivious of your arms and your equipment, so that they might fall upon you in a surprise attack. [131] But it shall not be wrong for you to lay down your arms [while you pray] if you are troubled by rain [132] or if you are ill; but [always] be fully prepared against danger. Verily, God has readied shameful suffering for all who deny the truth!

And to do something like this and then to have stories published simply fans islamaphobia. Stupid idiots, why dont they simply ask somebody who knows the facts before launching into something stupid like this?

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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