Sunday, December 2

Greek Travellers in India

This column by a Pakistani Author, Salman Rashid, ran through the Indian e-lists like wildfire. It was quite an interesting read indeed. Talking about an Indian King named as Porus who stood up to Alexander / Sikander. He was defeated in an epic battle but after the battle, bloodied, battered but not unbowed, he was asked by Alexander as to how did he want to be treated? He answered proudly, "As one King would treat another". Well, the story goes that he was honourably treated. So far so good.

But more curiously, Salman Rashid refers to a chap called as Apollonius, there seems to be a bit of a debate over his going on's. Despite the interesting story about the murals on the palace walls, his own story is much more interesting. Apparently he was considered to be at par with Jesus, or at least, the Romans said he was. In some cases, he was considered to be superior to Jesus.

He was also known to the Ancient Indians, the medieval Islamic World, the Ba'hai faith, etc. Amazing how things are connected!

So interesting, just read his entry in Wikipedia and happy reading!.

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