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Body Ritual among the Nacirema

Body Ritual among the Nacirema
Horace Miner
American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol. 58, No. 3. (Jun., 1956), pp.

"Professor Linton first brought the ritual of the Nacirema to the
attention of anthropologists twenty years ago (1936:326), but the culture
of this people is still very poorly understood. T h w r e a North American
group living in the territory between the Canadian Cree, the Yaqui and
Tarahumare of Mexico, and the Carib and Arawak of the Antilles. Little is
known of their origin, although tradition states that they came from the
east. According to Nacirema mythology, their nation was originated by a
culture hero, Notgnihsaw, who is otherwise known for two great feats of
strength-the throwing of a piece of wampum across the river Pa-To-Mac and
the chopping down of a cherry tree in which the Spirit of Truth resided."

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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