Sunday, December 2

Another good thing coming out of the Belgian impasse

This is deliciously ironic and amusing. I love these EU buggers getting their comeuppance. If you don’t ask me and impose things on me, don’t blame me if I giggle at your difficulties! I quote:

As in all 27 member states of the European Union, three quarters of Belgium’s annual legislation emanates from the European authorities in Brussels. As everywhere, the Belgian Parliament just stamps its approval to the directives issued by the European Commission and submitted to the Parliament by the Belgian government. One result of the Belgian political crisis is that the caretaker government does not submit directives for approval to the Parliament. Hence, in its hour of ungovernability Belgium is now more sovereign than it has been in the past 50 years.


Considering the above, it is no surprise that the EU authorities are putting a lot of pressure on the Belgian politicos to stop their bickering and form a government as soon as possible. If there is one thing that the Eurocrats fear it must be this: a member state which regains its sovereignty, even, as would be the case in Belgium, if this happens by default because it is unable to install a government that submits the EU directives and EU treaties to parliament for rubberstamping.

Anyway, read and giggle!

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