Wednesday, December 5

Muslim Brotherhood's Hard-Line Platform is actually ok!

People are getting quite upset about the Muslim Brotherhood's Political Platform but I am far more sanguine about it. I quote:

The Muslim Brotherhood has laid down its first detailed political platform, which would bar women and Christians from becoming president and establish a board of Muslim clerics to oversee the government, reminiscent of Iran's Islamic state.The platform has dismayed secular reform activists who have cautiously hoped the Brotherhood was becoming more moderate and who supported the movement in the face of an unprecedentedly tough government crackdown against it.

Not a problem. Head of State restrictions apply everywhere, in the UK, you need to be of a particular family, while you have to be born in USA to be the president (which causes Arnie to rule himself out and huge opposition). Good reasons, but so do the Brothers. Its just based upon their understanding of Islam but so what?

As for having a Council of appointed or elected experts, what do you think the House of Lords, Rajya Sabha or US Senate are supposed to do? The very same thing, be the guiding hand on the elected branch of the country. The process's are different but the concept is the same.

But I like it, you see, they have underwritten the seeds of their own destruction because of two reasons. First is that they are willing to submit to civil society and second they have a large minority to handle. Both will blow the fiction of a monolithic islam as was shown in iran. There you have clear fissures and clarity that whenever people with too much religion on their brains get into power, all their common sense and literacy dribbles out, look at india, uk, iran, usa....So I am looking at the day after the night after the day the brotherhood comes to power. Yes, it might well happen that they might change their stripes and convert into hardline Islam and become an Iran. Yes? So? We have lived with Iran for 30 years, what's wrong with living with a hardline Egypt?

Oh! if you do think so, then better get in the visit to the pyramids before they get into power because they might well do a Bamiyan on them.

Also see my previous detailed essay about the brotherhood here.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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