Monday, December 3

Militants ask school to expel female students

I hate people who do this, education is hard enough and then you have these brain dead morons going about threatening people to stop their girls from being educated! I have moaned about it before, but here's it happening again.

Militants ask school to expel female students DARGAI: Militants here have threatened to bomb a co-education high school if the school administration does not drop all enrolled girl students. A letter from unidentified militants told the administration of Government High School Andar Gai Agra in Malakand Agency that if they did not drop girls from the school within one week, suicide bombers were ready to blow up the institution. Co-education is unacceptable, the letter said. The school is the only one in an 8-kilometer radius. Girls in the area have two options,attend this school or remain illiterate.

I am wondering if they realise that their children will turn out to be as moronic as they themselves are? But why harm the children?

dailyAll this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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