Sunday, December 2

Why I am not impressed by the saga of the Teddy Teacher in Sudan

I am not impressed at all with this entire episode. Not one bit. The woman was legally charged, sentenced, imprisoned and will be deported on the completion of her sentence. Which bit is wrong? I do not see anything wrong.

Remember, she is a British Citizen. Sudanese citizens in the United Kingdom are not tried by Sharia. If there was a crime committed by a Sudanese in the UK, would the Queen pardon him/her because his crime was not considered as a crime in Sudan? No. So why are we expecting her to be pardoned and released?

Also, these protests by British Muslims in the UK. And the attempts by the 2 Muslim peers. That is totally irrelevant to me. Very nice to read and hear but totally irrelevant. If I was arrested for the same crime in Sudan, how would the reaction be? How about a Jew? Or a Christian? Or an Atheist?

The fact that the British Muslims are saying, not in my name, again is totally irrelevant as the Sudanese Islam is totally different from the British Islam. It would be like me complaining about the death of starfish in the Fiji reefs simply because we both have DNA. Yeah? so? what's the big deal?

Do you see where I am coming from? If anything does happen. I want the British Government to take the lead so that British Citizens know that their rights are guaranteed irrespective of their religion, ethnicity or what have you. In any case, let this be a reminder of what I said before, stay out of that armpit of the world.

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