Sunday, March 30

Dutch businesses threaten to sue over anti-Islam film

What stupid idiots. The whole idea of freedom of speech is inextricably linked into the way our society works and how business's work in that society. For these brain dead idiots to now say that they are going to sue somebody for exercising a very boring way of expressing his freedom of speech is spectacularly stupid.

But the list of people who lined up to condemn free speech was quite interesting, note them down well, these people are the real enemies of civilisation and liberalism, starting from that idiot UN Secretary General.

And the stench of hypocrisy from the leaders of various countries is quite interesting. But then, they would not know basic principles of freedom of speech and liberalism if it bit their backsides! But that's fine, that is the reason why generally people from their countries want to come to a country where liberalism rules.

Here, read and weep!.

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