Thursday, April 3

More free speech challenges, this time in Japan

Well, the fact that nationalism in Japan has been known to be a big problem (caused all kinds of little problems ranging from the WW2 to the nanking genocide....), people are very careful about what is said and done. Apologies for the war, or proper restitution or changing history books, all are challenged in Japan, specially when you compare their behaviour with how Germany reacted after the war.

So when you read something like this, then you know that the problem still exists. I quote:

Japanese nationalists have forced plans to screen a film examining the
country's wartime excesses to be abandoned after a campaign of intimidation that
included blockading cinemas.
A new documentary film, Yasukuni, was due to open at cinemas in Tokyo and Osaka on April 12.
The film, by the Chinese director Li Ying who lives in Japan, is about the Tokyo shrine that honours the nation's war dead, and examines Japan's imperial ambitions in the early decades of the last century.

Japanese politicians and commentators attacked the decision by cinema
managers, who were targeted by ultra-nationalist protesters who parked vans
covered in nationalistic slogans outside the cinemas and broadcast military
anthems over loudspeakers.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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