Sunday, March 30

Re-visiting Burma

I wrote about Burma on October 7, 2007 and said that nobody other than Burmese can help them. Do not bother about moaning to China, India or anybody else because they will not help at all. Same with Comoros, if somebody does care about them, its for their own benefits, otherwise no, nobody gives a toss.

And here's a very interesting article on the follow-up on what happened with Burma. So how many times have you heard about the anti-war crowd talking about Burma? How many times have you heard George Bush or Brown talking about Burma? Nothing. All those big sounding words from all those liberals and conservatives alike, dont mean much. And as I said, the Burmese need to fight their soldiers more. I quote:

After violently suppressing anti-government marches last year, Burma’s ruling generals are hunt­ing a new enemy in the dilapidated city of Rangoon, zeroing in on street vendors who sell pirated DVDs. The object of the junta’s wrath is the latest Rambo film, in which the Vietnam veteran played by Sylvester Stallone battles Burmese soldiers to rescue missionaries held for assisting persecuted ethnic minorities.

Besides confiscating every copy it can find, the junta has compelled privately owned Burmese news journals to print articles ridiculing Rambo for being “so fat, with sagging breasts” and looking “like a lunatic” during fights.

Aside from the Hollywood action picture, though, not much is rattling Burma’s generals these days. Six months ago, their crackdown on the Buddhist monk-led “saffron revolt” provoked international revulsion and a clamour to push the regime to change. Today, the storm of criticism has largely passed. The junta, as firmly in power as ever, has rebuffed the pressure, making clear it intends to proceed with its own plans for Burma’s future, with or without western or United Nations approval.

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