Thursday, April 3

Better anti-discrimination laws will help avoid islamophobia

Further to my essay on Islamophobia, this is a very good step which will reduce the holes and chasms in the anti discrimination laws across Europe. I quote:

Loopholes remain in existing EU legislation to combat discrimation,
critics say. A Framework Directive against all forms of
announced by José Manuel Barroso when
he became Commission President in 2004, would close those
In 2007, the Commission reviewed existing legislation and
came to the conclusion that "the level of protection against discrimination
based on religion and belief, age, disability and sexual orientation is
lower than that afforded in the case of discrimination based on race".
The EU executive thus concluded that a new initiative was
The Commission made its proposal a priority for 2008.
Meanwhile, Parliament addressed the issue in an own-initiative

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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