Friday, April 4

Photo Essay: London Evening Gloomy Skyline

I was at a drinks session on the conservatory on the side of a building in London and the views were rather curious (and well, I was too early..... So took some pictures!) (click on the hyperlinks to get a bigger resolution of the picture)

The perspective lines of the street, the tops of the buildings which all meet at the end of the street which is capped by the church. On the other hand, if you look at the reflection of the lights on the glass itself, they point to the distant cluster of buildings which comprise of Canary Wharf. Between God and Mammon, eh?

then you have the gherkin but also an interesting similar shaped lamp on the terrace of the conservatory on the right hand side separated by a blocky black vaguely scary building.

This is the top of a funny building, it somehow resembles the prow of a ship on the dockside with cranes on top but also reminded me of a glass and steel rectangular cake getting ready to be cut with giant knives in the shape of the cranes.

Can you see the tiny speck in the sky? It is a plane and the perspective made it look like it took off from Tower 42 building on the right and is flying to the Gherkin on the left.

And now the final picture is a dark picture of London. Given the current economic and jobs doom and gloom surrounding the city, perspective lines all over the place, dim lighting, seems like a good pictorial metaphor.

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