Friday, April 4

My comments and my views are not the same!

Can you imagine saying that? What does that mean? that you cannot comment properly? or your views cannot be put into comments? or you had a brain fart time? or you are basically silly? What? and this is even more worrying when it has been uttered by a Labour Minister in the United Kingdom.

I quote:

Mr Sutcliffe was forced to make two separate statements that disowned earlier comments in which he said the drinks industry was “right to be upset” by Alistair Darling’s decision to increase alcohol duties in last month’s Budget.

In one of the more humiliating retractions of recent times, he said: “I fully support the tax measures in the Budget and the chancellor’s decision on tax.” He added: “My comments do not accurately reflect my views.”

Also, I am seriously curious about these Labour backbenchers. The budget was announced 12 MONTHS AGO, the poor citizens will get hit from this month, and they wake up NOW? And despite that fact, what happens? I quote:

Mr Brown was tackled on the subject at a meeting with Labour MPs on Monday, but his suggestion that few, if any, people would be worse off infuriated many at the meeting. The government has publicly acknowledged that 5.3m people would lose from the changes.

The motion said that “despite assurances to the contrary” many poor households would lose out. It also says MPs are “dismayed at the response to the plight of those adversely affected” and calls on Mr Darling to mitigate the losses.

Greg Pope, who tabled the motion, later withdrew it amid mounting pressure from the whips, claiming he had won assurances that the Treasury would look to help one affected group – women pensioners aged 60-64. Mr Darling’s office said the chancellor had given no such assurances.

Read and wonder.


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