Sunday, January 20

Photo Essay: Puppies and Mummies in Lucknow, India

It is amazing, whenever I go to Lucknow, there are some puppies somewhere around in the neighbourhood, and this visit was no different. Came to hear about a litter.

They are behind a fence

barely few days old

sniffing a roti, but not very sure if that is palatable.

Seems to be a bit more interest from one sibling.

Still sniffing away!

Got tired and went back to sleep

Some hours later, we all came out to the side of the road.

Mommy came to check

and do a sniff

Its tiring business, this mommy thing. I think I will take a little pause and sit down.

Hey!!!!, I think mommy's back!

mommy is more comfortable than siblings

mommy checking on others!

Hey, that's a great idea, I will join creamy to be on top of mommy

Hey, I want in as well!

I dont want to be left out either!

Now the entire litter is on top of mommy!

We saw the puppies so ran to get our mommy. We are the tiny munchkin wearing pink haring down the middle of the road.

Now mommy with a baby is looking at another mommy with babies.

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