Tuesday, January 22

Photo Essay: A Tonga Ride in Lucknow, India

We went to check out some ancient monuments in Lucknow and decided to take a tonga (a horse drawn open carriage) from one location to another!

When we got down from the car, this is what I saw. I was not sure at all that the poor horse can take my weight. I am a centurion, you know? But still, decided to go for it.

My son wasnt very impressed with the entire thing.

Then the tonga wallah (the owner of the tonga!) started off the tonga.

Not very happy, is my little daughter!

All abroad!

She was quite skittish when I came close.

And the same skittishness was evident on this side as well.

Ahem!, the horse was actually a mare!

The empty tonga and the tonga wallah. the seats were damn slippery!

The mare was very skittish and we nearly had an accident when this incident on the side spooked her badly, combined with the slippery seats, we nearly took a tumble. I guess those metal shoes and roads do not help in keeping your footing either.

Anyway, safe and sound, we came to the end of the journey.

I wanted to pet the mare but she didnt want anything to do with it at all.

And turned her head away.

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shima said...

how do you know the horse was a mare?

BD said...

i was sitting with the mare's backside to me, Shima, sort of difficult to avoid noticing that kind of stuff, if you know what I mean?