Thursday, September 20

The Burmese Generals have no reply to the monks

The monks in Burma have now got the bit between the teeth and have launched a non-violent movement against the Generals. The neighbours support or wink at the generals, preferring to have autocrats than pesky democrats. In many cases, most of the neighbours themselves are despots and autocrats, so its like asking the pot to call the kettle black.

But there is only one weapon against the guns of the generals, and that is non-violence. See here for my previous essay on it. It is also a cultural thing to a large extent. Non-violence will never work in say Palestine or in say Nazi Germany or in say USSR. They simply do not have the respect for life at all and dont give a toss about what others think or say. That is the reason why Palestinians and other Muslims have been killed mercilessly by others and also by themselves and nothing much happened. Same with the Holocaust in Germany and the massive killings in China and Soviet Russia. If you launched a non-violent movement at that time, you will simply be squelched.

But I do think that this protest in Burma has a chance, it has to be sustained, not like the last time when they gave up after 3000 people were killed, they have to keep on protesting peacefully. I know it is great and easy to suggest that you get killed while I am safe, but hey, that's what I would suggest. The monks are perhaps the only segment of the population that the generals respect. Use this single weapon and keep on poking the Generals.

Keep on going, my friends, best of luck to you.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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