Tuesday, September 18

DNA Database - what's all the fuss about?

People who do not mind getting photographed and captured on CCTV 20 times an hour, who do not mind doing all their financial transactions online or with electronic cards, who do not mind having banks know everything about them, who do not mind credit rating agencies knowing you inside out, who do not mind congestion charge cameras know where you are and when you enter/leave London, who do not mind mobile phone companies know where you are at any given point of time provided your phone is switched on, who do not mind where they are if they have a GPS system, who do not mind giving all sorts of information across the wide world, mind a government department keeping their DNA.

If you are innocent, then why would you mind? Its not a civil liberties question, its a pragmatic question. The fact that you carry official identification ranging from driving licenses, company id's, passports etc. mean that the state already captures your information. So the issue with a DNA database is what? Your consent? And if you do not give your consent, that's fine. But the default should be that you collect it.

All this to be taken with a grain of salt!!!!!

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