Friday, September 21

How can we improve teaching and learning in school?

Quite an interesting paper here. I strongly suggest anybody who is interested in teaching, children and schooling to read it to know about the latest thoughts in school education and learning.

I read the 10 principles which are enumerated here.

  1. equips learners for life in its broadest sense
  2. engages with valued forms of knowledge
  3. recognises the importance of prior experience and learning
  4. requires the teacher to scaffold learning
  5. needs assessment to be congruent with learning
  6. promotes the active engagement of the learner
  7. fosters both individual and social processes and outcomes
  8. recognises the significance of informal learning
  9. depends on teacher learning
  10. demands consistent policy frameworks with support for teaching and learning as their primary focus

I have to admit I am disappointed. I did not understand what these guys are saying. A very large project ran this and all it came up with was a bunch of gobbledygook. What does "fosters both individual and social processes and outcomes" mean? Why do they have to make simple things complicated?

But this is an indication when the general thinking is, and if you pardon me, I think this kind of confused, rarified thinking is all to do with the troubles we have. Where is the insistence on extra-ordinary performance? Where is the challenge to their minds? Where is the motto of "if the student hasn't learnt, the teacher has not taught?"

Very disappointed, I am afraid.

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