Sunday, May 25

The British Education System discriminates against brainy students

Now why cannot this be done in the UK? why do I have to pay obscene amounts of money just so that my son can get an education fit for his educational levels? Absolutely atrocious.

See what the Swedes are doing now. I quote:

Brainy students are set to be given a class of their own as the government has decided to introduce elite high school classes in social and natural science subjects.Selection for the classes will be made through admissions testing and brainy high school students will be given the chance to earn university points at the same time as they pursue their school studies.

Their schools minister is brilliant, ours are the pits (see here), see what he said...

"We have to leave behind the Social Democratic schools policy where nobody should think they are special. Clever students also have the right to develop at their own pace. They should not have to sit and kick their heels waiting for their classmates, said education minister

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