Sunday, May 25

More incompetency by the Labour Government

Fundamental research is the cornerstone of civilisation, we have to have scientists researching the fundamentals of science, pushing forward with new ideas. And this is, by its very nature, to be funded out of general taxation, because these ideas benefit not only this society but also our future children. But classically, this government has buggered up our university funding system well and truly. The sheer level of incompetence is amazing.

Read this and weep. I quote:

many colleagues were “so ground down by bureaucracy, teaching and hunting for grants that it is increasingly hard to do good research”.Over the years it has become increasingly clear that British politicians understand very little of how science works and of its value for the country and its economy,” he said.A series of elementary arithmetical errors generated a budget shortfall of £80m; earlier this year the Science and Technology Facilities Council, the body created by the merger, announced that at least 600 physicists would lose their jobs. It also warned that Britain would be pulling out of a number of global science partnerships. A government inquiry into the debacle is now under way.

Mistakes happen, but whose head has rolled? Who is to blame? and what lessons have been learnt? And what I find amazing is that hundreds of years of the scientific revolution, these morons in the Labour government are AGAIN making the same mistake. There IS no lesson to be learnt, it is simply a matter of incompetence. Nothing else, throw these nincompoops out.

Not that the tories have much to claim for, I dread to think what they will bring to the table, but hey, they cannot be worse than this bunch of morons.

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