Sunday, May 25

More affirmative action/reservation stupidities

And yet again, 36 people have been killed over the most stupid government policy of all, reservations by caste and creed and religion. I was reminded of this in Malaysia where there still are reservations by religion and race. If you do want to help out the disadvantaged portions of society, then do it via the grouping that will not hurt the country, but doing it via religion, caste, race, creed, language, you name it is stupid and leads inexorably to perpetuation of that division and in the worst case scenario, this bloody situation where people are killed.

Politicians do this for their own venal reasons and ordinary citizens, the sheep they are, follow like, well, sheep. See what happened, your nation is tottering, 36 people killed and government property destroyed. Who wins? Nobody, this is your classic lose lose situation.

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