Sunday, May 25

Outrageous imposition on freedom of speech

This story got me very upset. How dare the police impinge on the freedom of speech in this country? And to top it all, it was the bloody university which put these boys in? It clearly is disproportionate. I have have many other documents of that ilk from various terrorist groups, and I am also researching this topic from another university. Does this bloody well mean that people will barge into my home and arrest me? Just you try, mate, just you try.

Also, given the fact that Nottingham University is totally and utterly complicit in this matter, I am no longer going to give credence to this university at all, no teaching no nothing there. Until and unless I see a clear cut apology in the press from the University, I am not going to participate in that university, and that includes all the staff but excludes the students, obviously. So the apology has to be either that they were wrong to do so or they were stupid to do so, either will be fine.

And for the Nottingham University administrators, do you now realise that your academic credentials are now crap? This barrage of wrongful commentary means that your university's name is mud, you will seriously see a diminution in the numbers of students applying for your university as they read comments like this. Donations will drop off because which charity or businessman would be open to accusations that they have promoted or given money to a university which flagrantly breaks freedom of speech and academic freedom?

BTW, distinguish this chap with the other chap who was arrested for terrorism after reading terrorism materials. Do you see the difference? If you don't, walk away, no discussion here, but hopefully one can make out the difference between academic research and students reading to actually commit terrorism.


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