Saturday, May 31

Nigerian thug in chief defends Zimbabwean thug in chief

Typically, these crooks hang together. Have you noticed that? All these African leaders, by and large, are basically thieves and crooks. This man, Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua, came to power in one of the most blatantly rigged elections recently. So a man who comes to power with fraud will obviously stick up to a man who rules by fraud, no?

So when this man says,

"We do not support violence. We ask for caution and restraint. Whatever crisis there is, there must be restraint to resolve it according to law," said Yar’Adua in his first public statement on the crisis.

"We cannot behave like the Western countries in respect to the Zimbabwean crisis... We cannot come out and start making judgments on the internal problems" of Zimbabwe, he said.

I was sneering cynically at him. What a hypocrite. This man is at the same level as that other man, Thabo Mbeki, who talk utter and total bullshit. What is clear is that these leaders have no idea about what the rule of law is and have no, absolutely no care about their citizens. Which is why whenever they say stuff like this, their image falls even further. Esphoks.

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