Sunday, May 25

FARC, the Venezuelan Connection and terrorism

FARC, a totally unreconstructed Marxist terrorist group  is now on its last legs. Venezuela is clearly supporting it and it is also clearly a criminal, drug running group. (which is one of the reasons why I find groups such as SANSAD who support this FARC totally bewildering, they do good work but then they go about supporting FARC which basically tells me that their judgement is lacking....). Some good news here. First, Interpol has clearly said that it has found clear and incontrovertible evidence that Venezuela has had links with it.  I quote from the Economist:

But Interpol has now concluded that the huge cache of e-mails and other documents recovered from the computers of Raúl Reyes, a senior leader of the FARC guerrillas killed in a Colombian bombing raid on his camp in Ecuador on March 1st, are authentic and undoctored. The documents throw new light on the inner workings of the FARC. And they raise some very pointed questions about the ties between Venezuela's leftist president, Hugo Chávez, and a group considered to be terrorists by the United States and the European Union (EU).

Second, the head of FARC has been killed in an airstrike. This man is directly responsible for hundreds of deaths, killings, kidnappings, drug running, narco terrorism, and you name it. This is the time that the Columbian counter terrorist forces should go after them with a vengeance. Do not let up. See here for my previous essay on this issue.

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