Saturday, May 31

The Jews as Contested Ground in Postmodern Conspiracy Theory

A fascinating paper on how Jews always seem to end up in conspiracy theory land. It is because of this reason that any other argument, even well argued, is generally looked upon suspiciously because it emanates from this morass of ignorant and stupid thinking across vast swathes of the world (and yes, in premier universities as well which clearly shows that you can join a university but there is no guarantee that you will gain a mind!). I quote the abstract:

Normally conspiracy theories remain at the margins of a culture. But when conspiracism moves from the margins to the center, and from passive responses to active ones-Nazis and communists in the twentieth century-it can produce convulsions of paranoia and violence that leave tens of millions dead. After World War II, Western culture appeared to have definitively marginalized conspiracy theory. And yet, at the turn of the twenty-first century, there has been an aggressive rise in (traditional) Muslim conspiracism, and a remarkable vulnerability to conspiracy theory in the West. In response to 9/11, a "postmodern" and politically-correct conspiracism has developed that reverses the normal pattern: it accuses "us" and exonerates "them." Thus highly self-critical Westerners acknowledge the accusations of paranoid jihadists. As always with modern conspiracy thinking, the Jews, especially the Zionists, stand at the center of the storm.

Read and Wonder at the weak minds!

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