Thursday, September 27

Focus on the important stuff in technology

I have pontificated ignorantly before about how tech people do not focus on the important stuff and talk jargon. From the business side, it is very frustrating to hear jargon. I do not really care about whether it is written in Java or iguana juice, I do not really want to know about whether it is agile or limping like an arthritic millipede. I have a problem and I need to resolve it.

Here is a great example of a software developer talking about the same topic, know why you are coding, not what you are coding.

Here's a tip, when talking to the business, explain your work in terms of cost, usability, time, alleviating MY pain and removing my problems. I know it is difficult to talk in a different language, but between me making an effort to understand technology and you understanding the business, we will get to a place where bonus's are plentiful! :)

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