Monday, April 21

And BAe gets caught up in another corruption scandal

So now we have a clear cut situation that a Tanzanian minister took bribes for the purchase of a BAe radar system. And he is the fourth Tanzanian minister to resign in the past few weeks.

How amazing, have you heard of any BAe officials in the dock? or having to resign? How does it feel to all the Brits to know that Tanzania is more emphatic in clearing corruption than the Brits? Hang your head in shame, all you bloody ministers and BAe who have dragged the reputation of this country into the gutter.

Apparently UK officials are investigating. Investigating, my ass, it will go down the same way as that of the bloody Saudi deal. Here's a question for you, BAe has been bribing people for the past very many years. How many officials have been prosecuted? HA!

I want heads to roll publicly, I want people who have actually given, approved and were in charge in BAE to be publically prosecuted for theft and corruption. Make a bloody example of these merchants of death and corruption. Disgusting. Spitting on them is being nice to them.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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