Saturday, April 26

Italy must be broken up

Curiously, we keep on seeing this fault line running for the past many years, the rich north of Italy refusing to pay for the south of Italy. Remember the Comoros Issue? It was a similar situation, that one part of the country is tired of paying for another part. Look at West Germany, so many times I have heard them moan about paying for the Ossies, the East German part, perhaps one of the world's greatest concentrated transfers of wealth ever known to mankind.

But here you go, read what Silvio Berlosconi's (the Italian PM) wife has to say about this topic. I quote:

Italy has never been well-suited to being a single country, and has never matured enough to become one. There is no longer any value in a unified Italy....This is a disillusioned country, even after Berlusconi's victory," she said. "The League expresses concrete demands from the most productive part of Italy, which is tired of dragging the rest of the country and does not find itself represented by the Left-wing."

This needs to be addressed carefully, and no, just because they are in the EU does not mean that separatist tendencies go away, just look at Scotland or the Basques.

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