Tuesday, April 22

The case for better education in the UK

I was in a CIO forum today talking about innovation. But besides all getting very excited about various new technologies, I unfortunately popped the bubble by asking, why is nobody talking about the people and talent aspect? That is my biggest worry here that our children and the British Education System is currently not fit for purpose. I am seriously worried.

For example, I told them, why on earth do we not see security, fraud and internet alerts from the UK? Dont tell me our police are that good, its because our students are so crap that they are unable to try to break into secure systems. You see, if I find a good hacker, I would like to hire him. Its those skills which lead people to make good IT systems, inventions, etc.

The tax system can try what it might but if the people are not educated up to the right levels, they will remain a drag on society. How on earth do people expect structurally and generationally unemployed people to move off benefit and move into work? Not via the school system that we have right now.

Talking to this government is useless, frankly, I despair of the current education department politicians, they are seriously a bunch of wankers and useless. The damage they have done to the country and society is frankly no less than criminal. What else can describe the rapid and relative decline of the British school system and the children's performance?

Here, check out what America is moaning about the school system here.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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