Sunday, April 20

Brown is white as black is not white and where does yellow go?

Confused? You should be. You see, for the followers of race theory and discrimination, the exclusions cause major problems. Take the example of brown skins. Apparently they are too many brown doctors in the USA so they are getting reclassified as white because they cannot be called as a minority because if they are a minority then how come race does not explain their success and the corresponding bad situation of the black Americans and the corresponding problem of the yellow races is quietly forgotten.

Over this side of the pond, this is the problem and I have spoken about this before. When race theory is explained as a reason for economic deprivation, it does not wash. The racists in the UK will call all browns (myself included) as Paki's, but guess whose ethnic origin citizens are doing better? In some cases, even better than the whites? So you are brown only if you are doing bad, you are white even if you are brown or yellow. But before, you were not brown because brown did not exist in immediate post war Britain, so brown were blacks.

This is the reason why I simply laugh when

  1. various governments try to use skin colour to push public policy
  2. minorities who cry racism as a reason for economic disparity when it simply is not

It is not racism, do not get confused, folks. I have another post pending on how Jews have been always attacked in a very confused manner, between ethnicity, religion, race, country, and nation dimensions, but for some reason it has not been released yet by the editors!

but very amusing, do check out the first link about desi doctors in USA. Perhaps you will learn why any time anybody talks about racism as a generalised term or relating to governments or to public policy, it is almost always complete twaddle. People are racist and discriminatory, but when moved into governance and public policy, it does not work. If you try to force it to work, then brown becomes white and yellow becomes invisible.

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