Saturday, April 26

An update on the Comoros issue

I wrote about the Comoros issue before. Nobody has been killed in the invasion and toppling of the rebel government. And as I predicted, nobody really gives a toss. And this is what throws up the hypocrisy of people. Just because it is a tiny island off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, it is not important. Hypocrisy galore. Would there be stop the war processions? Would people stand up for the right of self determination? As I said, hypocrisy galore.

But here's a good article on the impact of this intervention by the AU. I quote:

Should the AU have the responsibility to protect in defiance of the whims and self-interest of the regime, where clear human rights violations are taking place? Should it act, or simply react when called upon to do so? Should intervention only be considered when major conflict has already laid waste to peace and security? Has the Comoros intervention signalled a radical departure in the AU’s policy of intervention? Will pre-emption now form a critical component of African peacekeeping and conflict resolution?

And what happened to the rebel leader? Here's an eyewitness note. Oh! and France is involved neck deep in this mess. Not that this war seems to have impacted business and trade, investments are going on. The situation is a bit murkier than I first made out.

Comoros is involved with the Arab League and is thanking Libya and Sudan (holy cow, I can well see those two countries being the standard bearer of democracy and self determination...). Other countries also were involved in the invasion from Tanzania and Senegal. Mind you, the French and the Americans offered logistical help to the AU forces. Very murky indeed.

But, again, the silence on the part of the world is so curious.

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