Friday, April 25

And we have another silly reason for terrorism and extremism

I keep on saying that linking Palestine and British foreign policy to British extremism and terrorism in the UK is stupid. Here's my previous essay on how intellectually vacuous this argument is.

But then, I am never surprised that even ostensibly liberal Muslims fall into this frankly dangerous way of thinking. Here's another example of people's who need to go have a rethink about their basic logic circuits.

He starts off well enough, but then homes into the fact that people think that Islam is not violent. I agree. It is not violent. Then he goes and says something like this:

Most of all, British foreign policy has a direct bearing on nurturing extremism. The occupation of Iraq, the byproducts of the "war on terror", the perpetual suffering of the Palestinians are not amenable to Sufi solutions or deprogramming techniques. So we don't need neocon ex-extremists to tell us what extremism is about. They are part of the problem, not the solution. But we do need a viable politics that tackles the root cause of extremism. Whatever the joy in heaven, we cannot allow former lunatics to take over the asylum.

What exactly is the link between a British Muslim and a Palestinian? If it is only religion, then it goes to prove that the religion is violent, because if it was not, then why on earth are British Hindu's not blowing up Londoners because the United Kingdom's foreign policy is supporting the Pakistani government which is not protecting Hindu's in Pakistan? See what I mean? Totally inconsistent and incoherent. These leaders and intellectual people are, to a very large degree, themselves responsible for the rise in Islamophobia. When the Muslim leaders themselves do this.....

Do you see what I mean? People do not understand this kind of thinking and that's why people like Sardar will always be a figure of curiosity rather than a figure of intellectual challenge. It is these kinds of people who are giving support to terrorists. I quote, what i wrote. I have no reason to believe that Mr. Sardar is any different from these so called leaders.

I think that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were a bad mistake. That does not mean that I express my opinion by blowing up people travelling by Tube or plane — that would simply make me a murderer.

It is regrettable that these Muslim leaders do not understand politics. Yes, protest against British policy, but write letters to editors, demonstrate in the streets, support antiwar candidates in elections and campaign in forums. I find their supine behaviour and willingness to pander to medieval feudal and autocratic thought processes totally unacceptable.

He should stick to what he does best, writing about medieval manuscripts. FHe has, very creditably, flatly rejected terrorism, but by giving credence to such silly reasons such as foreign policy, he unfortunately undermines his own credibility. And to think that he must be saying so just so that he can play to the peanut gallery. If he was not, then this excuse will not come up or will be more balanced.


shrek said...

Same context, Check this out.

BD said...

Very interesting post, Shrek, thank you for the link. There are other papers out there which have basically torn Pape's book to shreds, I have it in front of me and it is not fun at all.

Again, as i keep on saying, look back at his history, for somebody who can come up with an equation for air power... lol