Saturday, April 26

The Quilliam Foundation does NOT represent Islam

I received an email in my Facebook account about this FB group which has been formed. Reading the comments and the commentary, I am still not sure why the authors would say that the QF does not represent Islam? I am not sure who or what is the representative of Islam but clearly a big tent doesn't work here!

The people who started the group are Muslims and they are speaking for themselves and anybody else who follows them. This habit of becoming the self appointed guardians of Islam and pointing to each other and thumping them has perhaps killed more Muslims than all Palestinians killed by their arch enemy Israel. Ironic, eh?

It reminded me of something else which I read today. Sometimes it does feel that the Muslims are their own worst enemies, forever looking suspiciously at everybody and everything, forever paranoid and forever worried. Those MPACUK people are usually very quick off the mark to proclaim anybody and everybody as not being Islamic enough or not doing the right thing or what have you.

On another email list today, somebody was driven from it because one person accused another of being Ismaili. I was having a great discussion on that list about non-conventional sources of energy and wind power and and and, and then this sadly familiar argument breaks out. Bang goes all the interesting debate and discussion, Israel was brought in, accusations flew around the place and what was the end result? a sense of sadness that people again ended up pissing in their own plates.

Give it a rest guys, you have much bigger problems to resolve than to poke at each other.

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