Wednesday, April 23

Hazel Blears, the UK minister, doesnt seem to know of schools or taxation

Here's a question for you, Ms. Blears. You tax me to pay for schooling and general education of the country's citizens and I am very happy to pay for it.

Now, your stupid immigration policy is letting migrants into the country who do not know how to speak English.

So you end up paying £300 million just to teach them english.

So now you want the businesses to pay MORE for this?

So I suppose the companies can reduce their general taxation by a corresponding amount since it is clear that the amount spent on Hazel Blears's salary or on schooling is wasted?

People's english skills help the entire country and our companies are already taxed way too much to pile on more stuff on them. They are already leaving the country then who will pay for all this?

Heavens, the incompetent imbecility of the ministers in this government is amazing. Every department is lead by amazing people who do not seem to have the basics of economics in their head.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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