Friday, April 25

Galloway again and this time its for Yvonne Ridley

And indefatigable Galloway pops up again, hattip: HP. And this time about the other amusing lady, Yvonne Ridley. I quote:

Yvonne Ridley has won her case for harassment, sex discrimination and constructive unfair dismissal against the Islam Channel.

How does Gorgeous George get involved? (not sure but...)

He asked Mohammed Ali whether Yvonne Ridley had been dismissed because she had refused to shake the hand of a Saudi prince. The reply was:

"No. Anyway she does shake men's' hands and even kisses them."

Galloway believes that these allegation were "(a) false and (b) highly damaging to the Claimant's reputation as an Islamic woman"

And the Jews pop up here as well.

As a footnote, you will remember that the Islam Channel initially claimed that they had been forced to sack Yvonne Ridley by the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

These chaps are a laugh a minute! :)

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