Wednesday, April 23

Suicide Bomber wants his baby on his suicide mission

Oh! that's so nice of him to offer, what else but a suicide bomber wanting to take his wife and baby son along on the same flight which he wanted to blow up. Now that's such a nice family man for you, no?

A man accused of plotting bomb attacks on passenger jets wanted to obtain a
passport for his baby son, a court has been told. The court was told that a
police recording device allegedly captured Mr Ali discussing the possibility of
taking wives and children on a suicide mission. Speaking to co-defendant
Umar Islam, he allegedly said: "Should I take my lot on? I know my wife wouldn't
agree to it, but..."

And I love his choice of bed time stories for his baby son.
The jury also heard that several books advocating jihad and martyrdom were
found in a child's cot in Mr Ali's bedroom.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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