Sunday, November 18

African Values mucked up by Big Brother

I read this post and I was laughing my head off at the various responses around the globe. Apparently, the chap who won fell in love with a fellow room-mate, was possibly involved in a sexual assault in the house and he was newly married before he entered into the house. Well, the morality and nationalism police seems to have got all very excited about it all. And while I was reading this, I jotted down some African values that one can think of:

  • Theft is ok?
  • Corruption is part of nature?
  • Kleptocracy is a birth-right?
  • War is necessary?
  • Rape is a tool of social policy?
  • Everything can be blamed on imperialism?
  • Tolerate, use and ignore child soldiers?
  • Lack of capital and pathetic economy?
  • Think beetroot juice is a good cure for Aids?
  • Bad infrastructure and steadily getting worse?
  • Tribalism is good?
  • Religious fundamentalism is even better?
  • Rioting is a good way to draw attention?
  • Famine happens?

Unbelievable, its just a TV show, guys, stop moralising!

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