Thursday, November 22

London School defines what is a Hindu!

I was chuckling away when I read this.

LONDON, Nov. 20: Britain's first state-funded Hindu school has come up with
a unique definition of "practising Hindus" as part of its admissions policy
~ those who pray daily, do voluntary work at temples, follow a vegetarian
diet and don't get intoxicated.
According to the admissions policy, among the criteria to be used while considering applications are: "Looked after children from Hindu families, 10 nominations by Bhaktivedanta Manor of
practising Hindu families, children from practising Hindu families, children from Hindu families who are broadly following the tenets of Hinduism." According to the policy, "broadly following" the tenets of Hinduism is defined as: at least monthly visits to the temple, attendance of key
festival programmes (Diwali, Janmashtami and Ramnavami) at a local temple, following a vegetarian diet and avoidance of intoxication. Asked if children of Hindu families who preferred non-vegetarian food or may not be ritualistic Hindus or who followed traditions within Hinduism that went against the school's definition of practising Hindus would be ineligible for admission, a spokesman of the I-Foundation told IANS: "The rules do not exclude anyone who does not qualify under the criteria. The policy is not meant to exclude people... Under the rules of funding of faith schools, the school is obliged to have a set of criteria for admission that is relevant to the faith.

Now I cant recognise that as a Hindu! :)

Here's another legal view on what is a Hindu.

And then, there is the view that you are Hindu if you say you are! :)

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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