Monday, November 19

More disassembeling on Gujarat

I dont know where this article was published but I do need to congratulate the writer on a fantastic piece. The fact that Gujarat Government was complicit in the pogrom is not in doubt.

People in political parties, bureacracy, governing bodies, police all have confessed in camera on this. But look at the article. Hindu's were killed so Govt not involved. Army called out in 2 days, so Govt not involved. Tehelka did it, so congress linked so Govt not involved. Propaganda was so strong, SC was taken in, Govt not involved. English medium media is secular and anti hindu so Govt not involved. The fact that political leaders, policemen and government officials were complicit in the murders, having lists, distributing arms..... makes a mockery of the shoot at sight orders. The fact that Gujerati language newspapers are for Modi says exactly what? And by capitalising words, Mr. Singhal, your words do not make more sense or suddenly have the validity of truth.

But I am impressed by the number of directions this chap points to. And you know what, Mr. Singhal? I hope you and your party win. Because you guys need to be in the limelight, you need to rise higher and higher based upon that narrow support base of religious fundamentalism. And then when you are on that pedestal, you will be in a better position to be addressed for this
state sponsored pogrom. How does it feel when your leader is refused visa to visit other countries? You know what that means? That means that your leader might not be found guilty in a court of law, but in the eyes of the world, you are condemned. And to think this chap was part of the police and is representing Indian citizens in the upper house of parliament. Atrocious. Run, Mr. Singhal, Run, the world isnt big enough to hide from the wrath of Bhagwan and justice and !

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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