Tuesday, November 20

Fish in the sea - the law of unintented consequences

When there is a limited resource such as fish and more demand, with price pressures, the resource will get diminished rapidly. Given that scenario, governments try to step in. And invariably cock it up. Look at the situation with fishing in the north sea. So you put in limits to how much cod you can catch. So in 2 days of fishing, you catch your quota. After that, if you catch any cod, you have to throw it back into the sea, dead and rotting. Multiply this with hundreds of boats. People recognise that the situation is bad. But because of the stupidities of the European Union, there is no solution. Nobody is responsible and at the end of the line, their collective political mismanagement will lead to fishstocks collapsing as we saw with Newfoundland.

EU commissioner Joe Borg acknowledges the problem but sees no clear solution. sighs, no solution? stop fishing, you blithering git. Give alternative training to the fishermen, stop fishing for 25-30 years, TODAY!.

Read and pity the European bureacrats and politicians for not having brains.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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