Monday, November 19

Commonwealth threatens Pakistan and Pakistan yawns!

So Pakistan faces being suspended from the Commonwealth. Oh! my word. And what is that supposed to do? make the generals quake in their boots? You will withdraw British Council Library funding? Or not invite General Musharraf to the Commonwealth Heads of State Meeting?

Gosh, I am sure that makes him so worried. Silly gestures like this dont help anybody and makes the person making these gestures look utterly foolish and inconsequential. See the OIC and Arab League? Would you really listen to their inane foaming declarations? No, nobody does. Both bodies are a joke and full of hot air slogans.

The Commonwealth Commission should stop doing this rot and stick to cultural, educational, social and economic development. It does not have the clout to deal with politics (even the UN doesnt, how on earth does the Queen think that she will be able to twist Pakistan's arm?). Remember what happened last time Pakistan got suspended? The Commonwealth went crawling back to it. Supine!

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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