Saturday, November 24

A Bedouin Tent in Paris????

You couldn't make it up! Perhaps Sarko can ask for Can Can dancers next time he is back in Tripoli to welcome his guests in French style.

PARIS - Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi, due to visit France for the first time in 34 years, has asked his hosts to put up a tent near his hotel so he can receive guests in Bedouin style, a source close to the French presidency said.

Kadhafi has made "this request so that he can receive his guests in his Bedouin tent as he normally does and not to sleep in it" during the December visit, the source said.

"Nothing has been fixed as yet, it is being considered by the French and Libyan protocol services," the source said.

The official guest house is the Hotel Marigny, a stone’s throw from the Elysee Palace, the official residence of the French president.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has confirmed that he will receive the Libyan strongman before the end of the year.

Sarkozy earlier said Libya had abandoned three "appalling" approaches by ending its quest for nuclear weapons, renouncing its support of terrorism and freeing the Bulgarian medics whom it had accused of infecting children with the HIV/Aids virus.

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