Wednesday, November 21

To shake or not to shake!

I follow this blog very closely, Umar Lee provides a fascinating perspective of American Muslims. Yesterday, he posted a fascinating note and then there was a very good and interesting debate about what exactly is the right way to greet and treat Muslim women. From what I understood, there is not one way. Greet her and she (and as it happens, many of their husbands) might get upset because you greeted her. Do not greet her, and she gets upset because you are not respecting her. If you do not look at her by being modest, well, some think it is being disrespectful. So there doesn't really seem to be any Islamic ruling per se, only tradition, and that too based upon which country, culture, time, circumstances the situation is based upon. Incidentally, check this link out for a rather interesting article on Yvonne Ridley not liking handshakes and then somebody else telling her off for having unislamic thoughts. Very beautifully argued, and typically, Yvonne Ridley's bizarre unislamic thought processes come through.

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