Thursday, November 22

Farm subsidy junkies fight attempts to wean them off!

Well, it was perhaps far too much to expect that they will be economically literate and voluntarily stop sucking on the public purse subsidy tit. Irrespective of whether they are cooperatives or owned by single owners, I see no reason for subsidies to be given in a rich country. What on earth do you want subsidies for? And now they are claiming environmental benefits (just shut down the farm!).

Look at why UK and Germany hates it? While the UK fears losing the comparatively little money it gets from the CAP, Germany worries that thousands of workers on farms in the former communist east could lose their jobs, adding to high unemployment.

Do you see anything that has to do with actual farming? Nope.

Mariann Fischer Boel, the European Union farm commissioner, had attempted to slay one of the CAP's many demons - that the rich get most - by proposing less money for the biggest farms from next year. "We are raising this issue partly because the public raises it again and again," she saidof the €45bn ($67bn, £32bn) a year policy.

About 80 per cent of the money goes to a fifth of the EU's 7m farmers.

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