Monday, November 19

Shame on the British Police for racially persecuting a british copper!

This is criminal. This is not what I think the British Bobby should be doing. To racially abuse a fellow policeman, to frame him etc. And then the Police Federation itself dropping support. Disgusting.

The thin blue line is what stops the society from descending into chaos. I still support the British Police, despite the de Menezes killing, the Stephen Lawrence murder and now this. But remember that faith and reputation are very easily lost. How on earth are you going to get support from minorities if this is how you treat them? How on earth are minorities going to integrate into society? or join the armed forces?

Some painful quotes.

He has always maintained that he was framed after he started to sue the force for racial discrimination following a series of incidents, culminating in a Ku Klux Klan poster being left on his desk.
The CPS subsequently decided that four officers should be charged with criminal offences over allegedly framing him. All were cleared in 2004, but one later admitted two offences arising from the case at a disciplinary hearing. Three have since left the force.
Alam was denied help by the Police Federation, which was found to have racially discriminated against him by an employment tribunal last year. The federation had refused to help him take legal action to clear his name.
The tribunal ruled there was overwhelming evidence that Alam was racially discriminated against and victimised. It also found that documents had been destroyed by a federation official in an attempt to thwart him.
Alam had twice sought help from the federation to clear his name by funding an appeal against his conviction after new evidence came to light. It refused, but had paid for the legal defence of the four officers who stood trial charged with framing him.

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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