Monday, November 26

Ban Makeup, Children, Coffee, Eating, talking, etc. along with mobiles in cars

A very amusing comment. I quote a bit: Read and giggle!

Cell phone bans are popular these days. The rationale is that too many accidents are caused by people being distracted by cell phones and because they are so popular they should be banned – everyone should have to use a hands-free device. But this is just another arbitrary dictate by the state, which has unfortunately taken over the management of roads and highways. The government has no incentive to be entrepreneurial. Whatever rules are enacted, they do not have to reflect the "customers" that it is "serving."
My question is simple. Because government-run roads are presumably safer with cell phone bans, should we not call for more bans? For example, it is possible that some people become more distracted by things other than cell phones. Some women put on makeup while driving and then steer with the knees. Parents can become completely overwhelmed by loud children in the mini-van. Then there’s the champion of them all: the fast food eater. This strange and mythical creature, often found commuting from suburbia to downtown, has been spotted doing any or all of the following: wolfing down a double whopper; seasoning fries with ketchup and extra salt; wiping off spilled chocolate milkshake from his shirt; and watching a movie on his iPod. With enemies such as those, I am shocked – shocked! – that the government has not cracked down on makeup, children and food...or at least not yet (let’s not give them ideas).

All this to be taken with a grain of piquant salt!!!

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