Monday, November 26

Unlike the Islamic Car, Islamic Hotels seem to be a bit more thought out

I had a quiet chuckle over the Islamic Car from Malaysia but this concept of Islamic Hotels seems to be a bit more thought out. Unlike the car, Sharia and Islamic jurisprudence has quite a lot of religiously mandated requirements when one is traveling. This is because of the origins of Islam was in Arabia where most commerce was done on the basis of traveling caravans and trading (not much industry or agriculture in those desert areas). So you would be away from base camp for a long time. Given that, the rise in Islamic Hospitality is not surprising. I quote:

This group of hotels comply with Shari’ah rules and focus on values such as family and health, innovative value-added services, and unique design elements derived form traditional Islamic architecture.

Needless to say, they are usually funded via Islamic Finance products. These hotel chains even have a conference!. Very good!

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